Eight of the World’s most expensive Ingredients

The world is full of natural ingredients, which add a bundle of taste to your dishes. Some of the edibles are considered luxurious because of the exclusivity of the ingredient, the high nutritional value or the presence of the ingredient for the shorter period of time. Let us have a look at eight of the most expensive ingredients in the world.

Yubari King Melons: Found in Japan, Yubari king melons have become famous for a particularly tasty orange-flesh, juicy sweetness and beautiful proportions. Sold in perfectly matched pairs, these melons are considered a highly prized gift sure to impress. The melon pairs have been auctioned in Japan for as much as $26,000 but a standard Yubari melon costs between $50 and $100 in Japanese department stores.

Most Expensive Fungus: White Truffles: The white truffle is found in the forests of northern Italy during the months of September and December. Its unique nutty, savory, and sweet flavor is commonly used in shavings atop dishes like such as fresh pasta, fonduta or a decadent scrambled-egg breakfast. White truffles retail for $7 to $11 per gram, or $3,000 to $5,000 per pound. 

Swiftlet Bird’s Nests: One of the most expensive bird nests in the world are of the high-flying swiftlet, who make their nests from strands of their saliva. The swiftlet nest is used to create a broth or bird’s nest soup and is a Chinese delicacy. It is considered as valuable sources of nutrients. Swiftlet nests retail for approximately $1,000 per pound, which is $2 per gram or roughly $20 per nest. 

Pantry Staple: Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale:  Balsamic vinegar, or Balsamico Tradizionale, is made from late harvested white Trebbiano grapes that are boiled down to form a concentrated must. The liquid transforms into thick, dark, sweet, and complex syrup. The best Balsamico is sold around $200 for 100 milliliters, or $60 per ounce. 

Coffee: Kopi Luwak: Kopi Luwak also known as civet coffee, is coffee that has passed through the digestive system of an animal called a civet. The animal eats the fruit of the coffee plant as part of their natural diet and then excretes the beans in their dung. These beans are fermented by the animal’s stomach acids and enzymes and produces smoother, less bitter coffee. Kopi Luwak costs for as much as $500 per pound.

Most Expensive Meat: Jamón Ibérico de Bellota: Jamón Ibérico de Bellota means the cured leg of a Pata Negra pig that is found in the oak forests of western Spain. Each ham is cured for at least for two years before selling it in the market.  A 15-pound bone-in leg of Jamón Ibérico de Bellota is sold for around $1,300, or $87 per pound. 

Expensive Spice: Saffron: Saffron is derived from a type of flower that grows most extensively in the Mediterranean and Middle East and parts of Kashmir. It is sold for $10 to $15 per gram, and the highest-grade coupe saffron can reach almost $30 per gram. 

Seafood: Sturgeon Caviar: Sturgeon caviar is the salted eggs of the massive sturgeon fish. It is considered as the world’s most expensive caviar. This caviar retails for up to $12 per gram for the choicest grades, which translates into roughly $500 per serving. 

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