MinkFoodiee; The all new trend in Tricity

Food is very close to our hearts and we are always yearning to find faster ways to get better food so we can stuff ourselves. Minkfoodiee is a service that is fresh, innovative and super quick!

With all its incredible time saving, convenient and super handy features. There is a huge difference between repeating the same old thing over and over again and creating a whole new way of making it happen which is exactly what MinkFoodiee is working towards in Food Ordering. Yes, there are an uncountable number of Online Food Ordering Apps but this one is doing much much more. That's probably why it has taken the Tri-City by storm!


Online Food Ordering is just so convenient especially when a bunch of unannounced guests arrive.Takeaways when you're rushing for work and aren't able to get a hold of your morning coffee. But, fortunately for you that doesn't mean you have to walk around like a zombie all day! It simply means you place a Takeaway order from the coffee shop on the way to work, or Pre-order so it arrives directly to your office. These are basic things that just don't cross our minds during times of need. But, now that you have the perfect solution you can go ahead and click away!


If you're like me in any way you hate crowded places and standing in lines (Oh god thats the worst!) You know those times when you just run out of patience, your face turns red and you feel like you just might combust because it's been so long. A WHOLE 5 MINUTES! Been there. Done that.

Here are some of MinkFoodiee's awesome extra features, all of which make our lives easier and more comfy.

Table Reservations

Its hard enough picking a good restaurant, getting to sit at the right table seems like a far cry. So, if you're taking a special someone out on a date and want to set the perfect mood. MinkFoodiee allows you to request your favourite restaurant for the right table (in advance) so you can be seated near the window maybe and away from the restroom definitely.

In-House Order

Say you're sitting in a restaurant and the line is unbelievably long what do you do? Wait? Whaaat no! You place an In-House order from the MinkFoodiee app on your phone. Wait for your order to arrive right at your table and ofcourse pat yourself on the back because you're so damn cool. You can even split the bill with your friends so everyone pays their bit all online through their mobile phones.

Queue Manager

Queue Manager to the rescue when you're trying to get a quick entry inside a club on their busy night. You can request an entry through the app when you're close by. They send you an instant rivert asking you to arrive in a specific number of minutes eg. 5 min. BAM! The moment you get there you skippity hop over the queue and manage entry like a boss!
People are catching on to the new innovations put out by MinkFoodiee. Why aren't you? Don't just read about it, play with it!

Download their super cool app and start having fun.


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