Why Queue Manager is essential for your restaurant?

Queue Manager - Mink Foodiee
When your stomach is grumbling, the last thing you want to do is to keep waiting to eat. This is the reason that requires an efficient queue management system that significantly improves customer experience and reduces waiting time and further increase income.

Managing Customer Queues

Every customer hates to wait for their turn to visit a restaurant but queue waiting is inevitable. We have to stand in queues almost everywhere. A Queue Management System helps us to wait comfortably instead of wasting time by standing in long queues.
We take a token and then wait for our turn. This not only helps in comforting customers but also reduces any sense of insecurity among customers that their turn might be taken by someone else. Happy and relaxed customers will always help to increase the revenue of a restaurant.

Staff Satisfaction

With no customers jumping over each other to get to the counter, the staff is relatively at ease. This helps the staff serve customers proficiently and in a relaxed environment. A recent study by economists found that the happiness of employees led to a 12% increase in productivity, while unhappy workers resulted in 10% less productivity.

Improving Service Quality

If you have relaxed staff, you can expect better service quality. The statistics provided by an Intelligent Queue Management system helps you to keep a track of staff performance. Any issues arising due to service can be highlighted immediately. Managers may follow live statistics and take appropriate steps like assigning more staff to a particular service. This in turn reduces waiting times. In addition to this, the statistics also point out any staff member that might be slower than others and may need help or training.

Cost optimization

With an intelligent customer management system, you always know your customer flow. The system can even help predict customer queues based on historical data. This allows the manager to plan in advance and get more out of his/her staff resources. For instance, if the statistics show that customer queues do not start building up before 11 am, some counter staff can be utilized for back-office tasks until then.
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