What repetitive task do restaurant managers encounter the most?

  1. Placing Orders - Placing orders can be very repetitive and time consuming for restaurant managers. To help address this problem, using an In-house application like Mink foodiee to place all your orders, keep staff updated, and have all your invoices stored in one medium can reduce your ordering time in at least half.
  2. Scheduling Staff -  Planning the right combination of employees per shift, making sure your employees can make it on their scheduled time, and taking into account leaves and unavailability can take up a lot of your time. The best way to quicken this repetitive process is by using Mink Foodiee Staff Management.

  1. Inventory Check - Keep proper record of inventory and maintain consumption record is quite difficult to work. The best way to sort this process is by using inventory management  system ( http://minkfoodiee.com/foodiee/inventory-services )